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Your carpets and rugs or upholstery will be thoroughly inspected. Specialized cleaning, suited to your carpet’s specific fabric Industry-power steam equipment machine used that removes 99% of the bacteria (Access to Hot water required). Safe for pets, children and people with breathing difficulties.

Same day service availability and flexible working schedule and replace your furniture back to their original positions. Coasters are placed under your furniture for protection.

Stain Remover will remove most stubborn stains and marks from your carpets but not all. Your carpets dry enough to walk on within hours. Post Inspection Once we have finished cleaning, we will walk through all areas cleaned to make sure you are completely satisfied.

Great deals available on combine services. See Our Terms & Conditions. 

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Terms and Conditions

As per inspection which will detail if deodorising / additional spot stain remover etc to be performed. Once carpet cleaning completed, we will then discuss the outcome and make sure your happy with results. Furniture please ensure small pieces of furniture & belongings are removed as much as possible or lifted off the carpet. If possible, remove sofas and chairs. Not to worry if you can’t do this, we will do our best to work round them. NOTE: we do not remove televisions for expensive electrical equipment. Time slots are ETA due to unforeseen circumstances some jobs will take longer than others. The Company reserves the right to amend the initial quotation, should the Client’s original requirements change